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Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon

Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon Visualizza ingrandito

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Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon

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Improvements in this 2nd generation YN-468 II of this top-selling flash unit aim at the weak spots of the 1st gen model YN-468, our engineers are paying attention to what our customers are saying. Here are the upgraded features: a), Improved New Battery Compartment The 4 batteries are now all in a row with a latch that flips open. This looks like a much better design now, no more acrobatics required for a battery exchange. b),Improved Optical Slave Sensor ( Located on the front side of the flash, underneath the red plastic screen ) "S1" mode --- it is used with manual flash or Studio flash. "S2" mode --- it is designed for digital TTL flash. This mode is similar with S1 mode, but it can neglect the pre-flash given by TTL flash. Therefore, it can support the main flash working in TTL mode. The range is a little longer and the sensitivity is better than the 1st generation. c),Improved (Laser) AF Assist Light With the much improved AF assist light of YN-468 II, it can help the camera find focus in darkness, and there's a bright red pattern projected now which helps much better with low-contrast subjects although it's still limited to the center AF field. Our engineers also moved away from a simple LED but use a laser-based system which explains the clearness of the pattern, as well as the high range of the beam. d), PC Sync Port We built a PC sync port in the side of the YN-468 II, you can not only trigger the flash through the flash foot, or with the optical slave modes, but also through a PC Sync Cable. e), Improved Buttons Design It is sensitivity and better feeling to control. And here are some other features: 1), TTL mode The metering system of this camera will detect flash illumination reflected back from the object so as to automatically control flash output in this mode. In this E-TTL mode, you can also make compensation of flash brightness with the " Output control knob" within the range of ±3 ev, with the precision of 1/3 ev. ( Only with this feature the camera-flash combination can give you correctly exposed flash photographs automatically.) E-TTL can be set on the flash although the display just says “TTL”, but it works with E-TTL I and also E-TTL II camera bodies. 2), Auto Zoom The flash speedlight will move forward and backward with the changes of lens focus to suit different illumination zones when it is mounted on the camera which supports E-TTL Function, the zoom range is 24mm - 85mm. You also can set the focus position for the light head manually by pressing the mode switch button + Power button. 3), Multi Mode It's the stroboflash mode, the flash light will output the power, flash frequency and time flash you have set. 4), M mode You can set flash luminance as per your favorite, luminance level will be displayed by luminance indicator. When taking photos, you only require setting the flash luminance, adjust the camera and press the shutter, the flash light will flash under the camera synchronous signal. 5), S1 Mode It will work with the first work of the master flash synchronously in this mode, with the result consistent with the use of radio slave. ( When you use this mode, your master flash should be set at manual flash, the TTL flash system with pre-flash function and the red-reduction function with multiple flashes should not be used. 6), S2 Mode It is very similar to S1 mode, but it can support the master flash in TTL mode. In particular, if S1 mode can not have correct and synchronous flash with the inbuilt flash, you can try to use S2 mode. Advanced Application: a), Multi-Lamp Lighting Application b), Exposure Bracketing ( FEB) c), Use Wide-angle Diffuser d), Rear-curtain Sync e), FE Lock ( This function can only be available when your camera supports it, for the setting of FE lick, refer to your camera manual f), Application of AF LED g), Exposure Compensation h), Reflection Flash i), Use Reflection Board to take photos Compatibility: Suit for Canon 1100D 1000D 600D 550D 500D 450D 400D 350D 300D 50D 40D 30D You can use this flash with Yongnuo flash Trigger:RF-602?RF-603?CTR-301P

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Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon

Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon

Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlight YN-468II YN-468 II x Canon

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